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Beautiful Frost, frosty Beauty

It’s been a while since we actually had something that you could call winter in these parts, so this year it’s actually nice to be able to go out and get to see some snow and ice. The last few days had the added benefit of an inversion high pressure zone weather situation, meaning it […]

Scientific Breakthrough: It’s cold in Winter!

You know, I heard something really stupid today: Some strange economy analysts indeed had the audacity to complain about the weather, citing up to 2 billion in "damage" because construction gangs and all the people around them cannot work when it’s constantly snowing and temperatures are so cold, the ground is frozen hard. It’s really […]

It’s cooooold!!!

This morning I looked out of my kitchen window here at home in Böhlen and once more saw everything being beautifully frosted over. After two years of spring-like temperatures in winter this is one of the coldest winters recorded in Europe for 15 years or so. Our local temperature was around -15.6 degrees Celsius at […]