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Course: Oblivion

Okay, I admit I borrowed that from the Star Trek – Voyager episode of same name, but let’s talk Oblivion. A while ago I posted about the sleek UI stuff. Well, sleek in a movie sense – they are still overflowing with unnecessary noise and fluff and would make terrible interfaces if they needed to […]

You-I-Porn (UI Porn)

There was a time in my life when I had this odd desire that I wanted to get into mock UI graphics for film and TV and then I found other things to do. My interest in this stuff has never completely gone away, though over the years it has gotten more and more insane […]

I like to tease…

Now that I have a new system, it occured to me that I still hadn’t rendered that Tron style animation that just wouldn’t work back then in its full HD glory. So now here it is for you to enjoy: Since there’s Optical Flares in there, too, it is only fitting that I once more […]

Today you are a Geek!

Websites come and go, but often the people behind them remain the same. Just like good old me has been around forever, so has Lloyd Alvarez. Being quite active in the past on the now almost dead AEnhancers he started AEScripts at some point and that site has taken off considerably and evolved into one […]

Little Things

No sooner did I complain about the scaling issues in Element, then the next day I had the fix in my hand with the latest update. Well, fix may not be the proper term, as it required me to rebuild some of my projects for the tenth time, but at least an acceptable solution, if […]

Element (in)animée

In the ever popular discussion on everybody’s favorite new toy in town, Element 3D, it’s now time to take a closer look at its animation capabilities. It’s been almost 4 weeks since the release so everybody has had a chance to watch the tutorials and do his own experiments, so most of you should have […]

Element in Motion

I’ve been feeling slightly nauseous those last two days and my head has been mostly spinning with headache (which are either signs of yet another infection on the horizon or some other weird thing rummaging through my decaying body), so I haven’t really gotten anything done, but at least I’ve managed to upload some videos […]