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Big Brother Hurt

As far as coincidences go, this one is slightly creepy, I must admit. There I was, writing a rant about a certain book, including some remarks about its not so great movie adaptation and two days later the sad news of John Hurt‘s passing hits us. funny enough, if you had asked me his name […]

Not worth Giver-ing (a damn)

Yes, I admit, yesterday evening I wasted two hours of my life watching a bad movie. With a good chunk of movies from recent years now trickling through onto free TV, I can at least catch up a little bit on things I missed, not being able to go to the cinema that much nor having […]

Andrew-JJ-Star Wars

With the imminent release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens on DVD and Blu-Ray just two days away here in Germany (incidentally making it a perfect gift for my brother’s 40th birthday), it’s a neat touch that we get to see a few bits and bobs more of the creative process behind it by […]

Purple M.F.

So far the year has been off to a bad start for music lovers everywhere with several notable deaths and, since misery loves company, we are here again adding Prince to the list. The little sex maniac zapped to space at the age of 57. As so often, one has to appreciate and admire his influence on the music […]

Lytro goes cinematic

The implosion (or explosion?) of Lytro continues and like everything to do with chaos theory remains unpredictable. At least the long-hinted-at Lytro Cinema camera seems now a reality and some information is available. Cool? Not so cool? Ultimately we’ll have to see, but I still can’t shake the feeling that there’s a certain measure of […]

The not so empty Hearse*

*borrowed from the BBC‘s Sherlock, of course. In terms of movies it seems we have a great year ahead of us. just this morning I wrote about Finding Dori and now the trailer for the renewed Ghostbusters movie compells me (not the power of Petty *giggle*) to write about it. Like everyone, I have been […]

Black-washed Oscars?

I know some of what I’m going to say will offend some people, so hang on to your socks, but what really has been rubbing me the wrong way this awards season is this discussion about colored people getting snubbed, as they say. Why does it bother me? I need to explain a bit. Is […]