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Tom Zarek’s last Trick

Ah, I vividly remember when back then everyone went batty over the news that Richard Hatch would be featured in the new Battlestar Galactica series and at the same time I barely knew what the fuss was all about. As a child of the Eastern block I only saw the original Galactica series and movies in […]

Gary Hu(h)?

I must admit that when it comes to the many “invisible” people that are part of any production of a movie or a TV series I’m as oblivious, deaf and blind to them as the next guy. It’s always the directors, actors and producers that stick in your mind, is it not? Therefore I won’t pretend […]

I’m a Wanderer….

I far too rarely make the rounds on video sites and when I do, I often find the “recommended” videos/ staff picks of questionable quality or simply totally uninteresting, so I miss some of the good stuff, but occasionally some of that reaches a certain popularity and makes the rounds elsewhere, so I get to notice […]

Delightful Heisenberg

One of the few good things when you are down sick at home is that you have plenty of time to watch stuff on TV or DVD. So I actually managed to chew through all Breaking Bad episodes (that thus far are available), sometimes 5 or 6 episodes on a single day. This his been […]

War on the Shore

Boxing is a strange kind of sport. It’s rather brutal, yet it has a certain elegance (not counting those meat bags in these multi-million dollar events beating the crap out of each other just for the money), yet it still eludes me for the most part. I never really liked it in school and even […]

The Inner Light is Blu

I must admit that when it comes to HD I’m a late comer, at least where my private viewing pleasure is concerned. Which is nothing short of weird, given that in my professional life of course we are pointing out the advantages of higher res footage whenever we can to our clients and already the […]

Awful TV

With too much time too spare inbetween medical stuff, I find myself watching TV a bit more than usual. In particular I get to watch a few channels I haven’t had at home ever since I rid myself of my cable TV subscription. Now I certainly don’t care for all those soap operas, game shows […]