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Bad Breakage

This morning I was cleaning out the litter box of my neighbor’s fat phantom cat (haven’t seen him in days, but he’s eating his stuff and doing is dumps, so he must still be alive) and almost blacked out… I haven’t been quite myself those last few days already. I slept for the better part […]

Kitty Patrol

The last few days have been pretty bad to say the least and while initially it was just a matter of blaming it on the weather, it looks like this is again a genuine onslaught of my illness. I’ll probably have to see the doctor again when I thought August would be the one month […]

Daft P(h)unk

The last two days have been terribly exhausting to say the least. With the weather being rainy and humid, my damaged lungs are now showing first signs of COPD like symptoms and I’ve been hitting my inhaler spray heavily. It’s funny that something as trivial as walking a a couple of hundred meters to the […]

Nuclear Fission Friday

Living in the rural belt around a bigger city has it’s good sides like being close enough to go to work there using public transport, but just as well has its downsides like my measly DSL connection due to limited provider choice, which if course is pretty ridiculous, given that inside the city boundaries they […]

I need a Dollar, a Dollar is what I need…

Sadly, these words from Aloe Blacc‘s song are all too true and I’m desperately looking for something to bolster my bank account or as they so colorfully say on job pages "new opportunities and challenges", meaning a new regular job would be okay, too. My boss is hopelessly behind in salary payments and if this […]