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Big Brother Hurt

As far as coincidences go, this one is slightly creepy, I must admit. There I was, writing a rant about a certain book, including some remarks about its not so great movie adaptation and two days later the sad news of John Hurt‘s passing hits us. funny enough, if you had asked me his name […]

Prometheus has landed!

It’s been a couple of “bad” days those last three days with only 3 hours of sleep or so each night and the “spiral of pain and insomnia” tightening its prongs a bit every day, so yesterday I almost ended up going to bed at 5 in the afternoon because I was so tired and […]

More clips, more Awesome!

While following a link to some clip from a user I accidentally noted that Vimeo have actually changed their design! Obviously they have converted most of their former Flash stuff to jQuery/ HTML 5/ CSS for reasons that even my mom could guess, but it’s a nice touch, regardless. Now all we need is Chrome […]

Sunday Movie Awesome

Just before I wanted to start writing my German review for the Up 3D BluRay, I made my usual rounds on my favorite movie sites and yes, there it was – the latest trailer for Prometheus. Simply mindblowing! It’s just extremely unfortunate that it took Ridley Scott so long to return to the Sci-Fi genre. […]

Time Master(s)

Childhood memories are a treacherous thing somehow. You always remember a lot of very specific details, but many times not the bigger context. One such confusing memory is Time Masters. I have quite clear visions of the little boy on the planet being attacked and in turn the revelation being that an old chubby guy […]

Ralph Mc… Who?

Though I consider myself reasonably knowledgable in films, just like most people I mostly only remember directors, actors and occasionalyl the score composers, yet naturalyl, there is more than those few working on even the smallest of films. There’s always some audio guys, the editor, effects guys, make-up artists, costume designers, set decorators and so […]

Another Day, another Trailer

The pre-Christmas goodness continues with some more trailers, so let’s have a look. First something not mentioned in my last post which I stumbled upon while watching those other trailers. When I was 8 or 9 I seriously considered becoming a ballet dancer and applying at Palucca school in Dresden and while ultimately I didn’t […]