The Mundane

Not so A-Maz(e)-ing

One of the more questionable “pleasures” of again having access to more TV channels is that I slowly get to catch up on movies on my backlog. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but more often than not I come to the realization that I really didn’t miss out on much. I don’t need to write a […]

Inter arma, enim silent leges

“Under war, the law falls silent.” That’s one of the more intricate politically themed episodes on Star Trek – Deep Space Nine (and incidentally happens to play in huge parts on the Voyager; talk about cross-references in different series). A good part of it has Adm. William Ross in it in a somewhat shady mode […]

Graceful Gravatar Gravitas

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s remarks about After Effects getting an emergency patch update for the umpteenth time, here’s another one. Lately WordPress has been annoying me more and more. On several occasions I’ve reported glitches or non-working stuff like domain mapping. Yesterday it occurred to me that the Gravatar widget finally had whacked […]

Speed! – Finally!

For years one of my biggest frustrations has been my crappy 1.5 Mbit DSL Internet connection and living in a rural area, the alternatives have always been limited and expensive. Luckily last year we got some shiny optic fibre connection all throughout our small town by a regional network provider and aside from reviving my TV consumption with […]

Mister Gaaaariiiibaaaaldiiii!

Imagine the above headline being shouted out by G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) in his unique voice and intonation and you may understand why I still consider Babylon 5 perhaps the greatest space sci-fi series ever created – great writing, great acting, unique dynamics, decent effects for the time (let’s put aside the cheesiness factor of very 90’s […]

1-2-3 (Re)Activate!

In a stroke of madness I have just reactivated my Facebook account! *yee-haw* My first excursion there a few years ago turned into a nightmare, but, while I’m already as confused as I was last time, I’m willing to give this another whirl. Hopefully my half-Asperger-ish brain will not lock up again over the flood […]

Goodbye, Buddy!

No, not that, and yes, that one. Confused? You quite likely are if you are not living in Germany, Italy or Spain and have never even heard of the man who was Bud Spencer. He has now passed away at 86. Granted you’re not missing much in terms of artistry when not knowing any of […]


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