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It’s Plexus – with Plexus this time!

When I was writing this post about Plexus‘ Photoshop knock-off I already knew about version 3 of the original and now, after a rather short Beta phase that I was involved in, if only peripherally at times, it is here for your pleasure. So what’s new? Now everybody has their own new favorite feature, but […]

Fresh (Body)Paint

I admit, I really don’t like any form of digital painting. It’s always like you have to futz around with ten different brushes and a million brush strokes forever to achieve something that takes a minute with a piece of paper and a pencil. That also extends to texturing 3D stuff. Luckily, I did CAD […]

It’s still 2015…

Well, at least according to Adobe. Thus this year’s first new Creative Cloud versions are labeled as 2015.something, which is actually pretty terrible. It’s like the company being in full Corel mode and having zero confidence in their products because they know that a) they are still full of bugs and unresolved issues (trust me, […]

Chekov checking out…

The world is a strange place indeed. Cheap puns aside, that scrawny little wretch getting overrun by his own car is just weird. Yepp, the latest incarnation of everyone’s favorite man with fake Russian accent at the helm a.k.a. Mr. Chekov in Star Trek as played by Anton Yelchin has passed away, at the age of […]

Procedural Modo(e)ling

Two weeks of no activity… Guess that shows how much I’ve withdrawn from my former life and all that geek nonsense I used to obsess about. *lol* Anyway, at least a bit of  worthwile news comes our way with the release of Modo 10.1 – the one with the procedural modeling stuff. As I wrote […]

GPU Rendering and (Virtual) Reality Check

The last two days a sort of interesting discussion on a forum unspun about the uses and performance gains of the just newly released NVidia GeForce GTX 1080. The starting point was someone looking to replace his four year old card and he was quite generically asking about the future-proof-ness of the 1080 without even […]

It’s Plexus… only without Plexus

I guess it was only a matter of time and actually it’s quite amazing that it took so long, but now indeed Plexus has been copied. Of course one can’t copyright every idea, but this feels like a bit of a painful rip-off. Some of the things in there sound all too familiar if you’ve ever […]


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