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Considering that I was quite disappointed and never wanted to write about The Plant Factory I still ended up mentioning it a lot and here goes once again. Time passes quickly and so it’s now one year already and the annual update cycle doesn’t spare this product. The changes and enhancements appear rather minor, but I guess for a program that is completely new off the production line and actually quite well thought through there’s not so much you can expect. On the other hand it’s no doubt going to take them a while to figure out how to copy SpeedTree‘s subdivision surface generation. The biggest stinker remains however: With their “We own you!” model of only allowing content to be distributed via Cornucopia there is little to none reason to actually get the program except for using it in your own projects. No point in designing elaborate plants if you can’t share them freely, if you get my meaning…


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  1. I think they might have just announced new rules about this. In any case, do you have any examples of stuff you’ve done using this software? I’m on the fence about buying it… currently its on sale for 695 down from 995

    • Not really. Since I only downloaded the PLE and it can’t be used for anything serious I only spent a bit of time exploring the features and then moved on to my other stuff. Under the license agreement I wiuldn’t be able to share my stuff freely, anyway, so there is not much motivation.

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