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Bambi Christmas

It’s now slightly more than a week and things are beginning to get a bit repetetive and boring. The area is simply too small and far away from the next larger city, so except for walking on the beach, sitting in cafes and watching lots of TV there’s not much to do between treatment sessions. […]

Even Stormier Sea

Today the weather took a swing and some cold sub-arctic air is flowing in from the Northwest. On the bright side this means we finally get to see a bit of sun after closed cloud cover the last few days. On the other hand it means it’s so cold you have to wear gloves when […]

Stormy Sea

That’s what you go to rehab by the sea for… :-)

Rainy Rehab

Rehab is kinda strange. The first two days have once again been filled with lots of sitting around, diagnostics and only a tiny bit of therapy. I’m actually looking forward to activities stepping up tomorrow. I haven’t seen much of the Baltic Sea and the local attractions (that is except through windows) since when I’m […]

Don’t sell Shit!

Yesterday an inclined reader asked why I’m not selling my stuff, so I thought it’s time to post a few thoughts on this. There’s a couple of reasons for this. First, and probably most importantly you need to realize that not a single preset or project I offer on my site was or is ever […]

The Power of Goo

On my endless list of “things I always wanted to try” there’s no shortage of the weird and wonderful and in an odd way I’ve always been fascinated with those gooey strands you see in science fiction or horror movies. Those random glibber strands have a certain weird beauty when they form their patterns, sometimes […]


Prepping for a planned rehab can be quite stressful, I can tell you that. Collecting all the medical paperwork from your doctors, packing your bags and a million other tiny things can be quite a burden when you still have just as many things to tie up with projects at work. Now I’m sitting here […]