The invisible SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH is now over and I’m once again having this "Did the universe just burp?" feeling. Calling it uneventful would be an understatement. Dull and boring is more like it. If at all, one could call the announcement for Cinema 4D R14 the highlight, but even that has become sooo predictable ever since Maxon have moved to their MSA subscription model and have to provide at least a point release every year to justify it. As I already wrote, they are turning more and more into a mini-Autodesk, the value for money ratio and customer appreciation is just still better if that little gem is any indication. Elsewhere nothing much has happened – Houdini got now more affordable, Luxology demoed their NPR Kit for modo, Lightwave moved up to v11.5 without really being anything but the same old lady. Anything else? Not really. Even the tech papers seem somewhat uninteresting. Ah, makes you crave for the good old times when the simplest sub-surface scattering demo would make you giddy…

Will we get excited over IBC? Probably not, even if they might be going to demo some CS7 stuff – of course only to make a ton of disclaimers that this will ever be in the program. *lol* Slightly related, with something new coming, oftentimes something old has to go and as apparently the people knitting the code and marketing the program are not necessarily the most qualified users (What do hackers know about art, if you get my meaning…) that sometimes ends up being a poor decision and the wrong things falling victim to the chopping block. One of my greater regrets is a cute little effect that has been in After Effects forever, but was declared obsolete and not being cared for anymore. Remember how I kept teasing everyone? Now I’ve finally revealed one of my best kept secrets over the years, but I really only do so because I’ve seen the future, if you wanna put it that way. The sad part is that it’s been there all along, but people were just to blind to see it. I guess it’s the same old story – people are screaming for plug-ins without exploring the potential of what they already have. Mark my words: You’d be amazed what you can do with Card Dance. You really don’t need Trapcode Form for some of that point cloud stuff nor do you need MIR to create polygonal landscapes, if only you sit down and take the time to learn the fine art of crafting layer maps. But then again, I should probably prepare myself for that effect to disappear one of those days as well…


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