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The second Battle

Just like last year of course my younger brother coaxed/ coerced/ charmed me into a second viewing of The Hobbit  – The Battle of the Five Armies and these repeats naturally offer an opportunity to study things a bit more in details and adjust one’s opinion. I maintain my position that most definitely there are […]

The Battle of the five Snoggies

Just like the last two years I went to see The Hobbit. Even in its third iteration, the HFR takes a lot of getting used to and personally I’m not taken in by it beyond that it helps the 3D stereo. The latter is actually quite good, but at the same time it sometimes quite obviously […]

Pacific (Sh)Rim(p)

After the Turnover 25 years ago one of the most prominent things you could see pop everywhere were satellite dishes. After a life spent behind the Iron Curtain people were hungry for uncensored information, movies and those erotic midnight shows on private commercial TV. My brother and I had our own catching up to do […]

Black Hobbit

Yesterday I let myself coax into a second viewing of The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug and alas, no good deed goes unpunished… As bad luck would have it, there were some severe technical issues with the projector halfway through, meaning the lamp went out and we only got audio. The tragedy then took […]

Sharp Hobbit

Due to my health issues I was unable to watch the first The Hobbit movie in cinema last year (but ever since enjoyed it on DVD), so it was pretty neat to be able to catch the second part on the big screen. So it was this Saturday afternoon when I went to see it […]

Monday Fever

I almost thought I was through with my infection, but today it has struck back with full force and I’ve had a slight fever the whole night and through the day. That being the case, my plans to do some work on the Error Code Database have crumbled. I really need to catch up, as […]

Decapitated Cap

Who said forums can’t be fun (despite most of them these days having degenerated into garbage dumps for people who never read the After Effects help) ? It so happens that the dirty little place that the Video CoPilot forum is, provided some interesting entertainment value this weekend when one zealot kid got into an […]


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