The WTF?

The Update that shouldn’t even exist

The interesting thing with After Effects lately is that the more grandiose the promises of “we will fix this and that, improve performance and add new features” are, the more messed up each release actually seems to be. No, kid’n, even calling the interface changes controversial or the issues on Macs and the troubles with high-DPI […]

Buy – Sell – Put – Hold

Money makes the world go round, does it not? Inevitably bigger companies buy smaller companies because they have something to gain and smaller companies will many times all too happily sell their asse(t)s to bigger organizations and take the money. So far nothing unusual here, but I must admit even I became a little nervous […]

Opinionated Flares

While I was caught between flood and fire with another infection in my lungs that I seem to contract now with terrifying regularity every two weeks and at the same time trying to help out a friend again that has his own share of being under the weather with a cold by fixing up a […]

The Force Awakens – not!

Ah, why, oh why? One of those things that I really don’t get is why film companies just can’t leave some movie franchises alone and drag them out from under the bed after a few decades to “reinvent them for younger audiences” or whatever marketing excuse they can come up with. Sometimes it works, but […]

It’s 2015…

Well, at least according to the Lightwave 3D group. In what I consider a not so smart move they have adopted Autodesk‘s and Adobe‘s bad habbits and now use the year to distinguish their latest version, so the users shall forever be confused and anybody trying to help people on forums get into the habit […]

The Freedom to be myself

Over the last few days there have been a few incidents where people gave me flak for stuff written here on my blog like my modo vs. Cinema 4D comparison or my opinions on MOX and I think it’s time to once and for all set a few things straight. First, everyone have their eyes […]


With a strange mix of bewilderment and confusion I’ve been following the MOX file format discussion ever since it started out on the After Effects Mailing List. Let me start off by saying that in fact it would be great to have something that matches what MXF and AAF once aspired to be in a […]


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