The WTF?

It is 2014…

…and here I am, trying to muster up even the tiniest bit of enthusiasm over the latest After Effects version that soon will hit a Creative Cloud near you. Yepp, it’s once more one of those…. As I wrote a few days ago it’s full of those things that would have gotten people excited 10 years ago, but […]

Going Places

Job interviews are funny in that they can take you to places you didn’t even know existed even in your own town. Sometimes companies have their headquarters in areas you wouldn’t ever bother to visit otherwise like in the middle of nowhere or some shiny new building surrounded by desolate buildings that look like WWII […]

Harry strikes back!

At long last our very Harry J. F. has replied, so let me once more take the time to have a look at Universe. Much of your criticism is speculation. If you are right, then you can place a big fat “I TOLD YOU SO” banner on your site. But, we aren’t there yet. So, […]

Subscriptions, Subscriptions

In the comments on my last post, John asked what I think about Digital Juice‘s upcoming “get everything for 10 bucks a month” project. Well, subscriptions suck, especially for digital content. Let’s first consider a few points for the people actually creating the artwork. It devalues the creative work. Stock footage/ art is already so […]

Dear Harry,…

Edit: Rewrote some sentences to make them more clear. …Your comment on this little bugger finally made it clear to me that I think I need to explain myself a bit more. It’s not that I hate Universe, but I hate Universe. Why? First, it reminds me of what Red Giant have been doing with […]

4 Weeks

Hard to believe it’s now already 4 weeks since I threw in the towel and head over toes quit my job over lack of payment. Strange as it is, this time has been as stressful as going to work with a hand full of pre-scheduled medical appointments and the hoopla with the (un-)employment agency, but […]

Universal Implosion

There’s a theory that one day our universe will almost instantaneously implode on itself just as it exploded out of nowhere with the big bang and I think that just happened to me. Yepp, as it turns out, Red Giant Universe is one hell of a disappointment in that it’s merely yet another attempt to get […]

Alternate Universe

Wondered what those ominous promos for Red Giant Software‘s Universe could be? Me too. If the end reveal bears any relation to what this thing is about, I’d say it’s a unified rendering for all Trapcode 3D-ish plug-ins pimped with some new stuff to import real geometries to rival Element 3D. I’m not sure the […]

One Journey ends…

…a new one beckons?! I guess we will have to see. Quitting my current job after more than 14 years was no easy decision, but lately things simply got a bit too tense and it’s time to move on and look for something new. The madness of hunting for a new job shall be interesting, […]

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

It’s been an extremely busy week with 4 separate medical appointments during the last few days and the associated to and from trips, so I didn’t get much done. I dabbled a bit with modo‘s particles and the more i discover some stuff, the more I’m beginning to love it. Based on some stuff I […]


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