The WTF?

Sick Heat

Don’t I love it? As bad luck would have it, I picked just the wrong time to check in to the hospital again… It’s going to be really hot the coming weekend, marking the second heat wave after the temperatures had surged on the Pentecost weekend and I’m down with a nasty infection. All of […]

Some Color on the Way

The CG world is still buzzing with the latest news from The Foundry and I suppose most people got their guesses just as wrong as I did. When you hear Colorway and The Foundry in one sentence one inevitably tends to think of some derived/ branched out technology from Nuke packed into a color correction tool. But […]


Somewhere inside me I have this alternate personality that not only loves the flamboyancy and artistic finesse of the Cirque du Soleil, but also enjoys the wonderful world of musicals – kitschy or otherwise. In fact I sometimes tend to think that if I lived in New York and had the money I’d be spending a […]

2014 is just like last Year…

…at least with regards to Adobe‘s release of new product versions. Yepp, they never learn and once again instead of waiting until the programs are actually ready, someone set a fixed release date and unleashed a package that is far from being fit for release. Barely 24 hours later every second post on any forum […]


One of those days… No doubt many people are sitting at home counting the hours/ minutes until Adobe‘s this year’s Creative Cloud presentation and I’m in that “I couldn’t care less” mood because I already know most of the boring details just as I know that inevitably many people are going to be disappointed (once again). But more […]

Züri, i spür di…

That, my friends is a crude approximation of what “Zürich, I feel you…” might sound in Schwyzerdütsch – yes that language that sounds a bit like German, but not quite, and is intermingled with pieces of Italian, French, Rätho-Roman (a regional Swiss language) and some other ingredients. The last few days I had some trials for […]

Plants .5

Considering that I was quite disappointed and never wanted to write about The Plant Factory I still ended up mentioning it a lot and here goes once again. Time passes quickly and so it’s now one year already and the annual update cycle doesn’t spare this product. The changes and enhancements appear rather minor, but I guess […]

Cloud Lock-Out, Cloud Knock-Out

If you haven’t been convinced that Creative Cloud is a bad idea, then the last two days have given you enough evidence to turn you to the dark side. Yepp, after last year’s debacle with stolen user info Adobe once more proved that they really have no handle on managing their user database in a safe […]

Evaporated Drop

Tonight is going to be the annual Eurovision Song Contest and no doubt it’s going to be once again full of kitschy, over-the-top performances and bad songs that will be fun to watch, but you’d never buy the record. On the other hand there will also be some folklore-themed songs or at least more traditional […]

Gentlemen, start your Houdinis!

Or was it engines? Or even Houdini Engines? ;-) Yepp, as per this it’s coming to a Cinema 4D near you. Kinda interesting but weird at the same time – given how SideFX have reduced their pricing in recent years it would almost make more sense to get the real thing. Too bad that the market […]


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