The Third Dimension

Takes me, Baby!

Since I’ve been battling with some serious infection again those last two weeks, this place no doubt has been a bit of a graveyard, but then again, there’s usually not much to report. The After Effects universe has become such a dark place, I can barely motivate myself to get excited even a tiny bit. That […]

Procedural New Year

The new year is off to a good start with a few news of the more nerdy variety. In my Cinema 4D days and long before I always took an interest in geometric patterns – organic, regular, abstract or otherwise – and so I spent a good deal of my time devising ways of creating […]

The Force Awoke

As indicated a few days ago, indeed we did go to see Star Wars – The Force Awakens and contributed our share to the now already 1 billion box office take of that little movie. Before you read on the usual spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen the film yet and are afraid to read […]

What Santa will bring

It’s almost Christmas, so everyone is taking their last breaths and doing a bit of end-of-year cleanout. As a result, news are scarce, but some interesting random notes have popped up in the last few days, regardless. First, the long-expected Maxon blog has gone live just in time for you to ponder its deeper meaning […]

Mari and then some…

When The Foundry bought Luxology three years ago, the reasoning behind this move was immediately apparent even to the most uninitiated – they wanted modo as a complement to their 3D-ish tools as a means for creating geometry and as a render platform. While nobody expected things to happen overnight and in the meantime e.g. Nuke got […]


After the madness of all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, December starts off with some interesting news, beginning with Adobe’s Creative Christmas Cloud. *lol* In what could only be described as one of the most moronic moves, the debacle that was the release of the massively buggy CC 2015 versions overshadowed the rest […]

Predictable 10

You know, there’s nothing more boring than when your grandma can tell you what new features will come to this year’s edition of your favorite software tool (or something along those lines) and I strongly feel that way about the raytrace render stuff in the upcoming Nuke 10. It’s so painfully obvious – users have […]


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