The Third Dimension

Plug-Ins ahead!

The lull of summer leaves everyone short on news, but those last two weeks a few bright spots have appeared on the horizon that could be interesting. The most notable to me is that Renato Tarabella has revived his N.O.T.A. plug-in, but now it comes as a MoGraph effector. The thing is that while for […]


Curious little buggers that you are you keep poking my site for a Cinema 4D R16 release date, but in all honesty I can’t tell you. Still, the annual update spiral of death keeps spinning and in August there’s SIGGRAPH shortly followed by IBC, so you can expect the new release to drop in September […]

Some Color on the Way

The CG world is still buzzing with the latest news from The Foundry and I suppose most people got their guesses just as wrong as I did. When you hear Colorway and The Foundry in one sentence one inevitably tends to think of some derived/ branched out technology from Nuke packed into a color correction tool. But […]


Over the previously noted 2014 release debacle for Creative Cloud (What else is new?) a few discussions unspun in a number of places and since I have commented on some of them, let me summarize a few of my thoughts. Why are the CC 2014 a full separate install and not just updates/ patches? Well, because […]


One of those days… No doubt many people are sitting at home counting the hours/ minutes until Adobe‘s this year’s Creative Cloud presentation and I’m in that “I couldn’t care less” mood because I already know most of the boring details just as I know that inevitably many people are going to be disappointed (once again). But more […]

CAD to the Power of n

One of the many challenging tasks when doing CAD visualizations is getting a good model conversion in the first place. Since pretty much every program translates its hierarchies and items differently and exchange formats like IGES or STEP aren’t exactly particularly standardized, either (there must be over 700 or so allowed entity types in either of them and […]


In my eternal quest to make the world a better place I often stumble across stuff on forums and web sites that, while it usually solves the immediate problem, makes me think “There must be a more elegant way!” This is one of these cases. It must have been the time around Christmas when this came […]

Züri, i spür di…

That, my friends is a crude approximation of what “Zürich, I feel you…” might sound in Schwyzerdütsch – yes that language that sounds a bit like German, but not quite, and is intermingled with pieces of Italian, French, Rätho-Roman (a regional Swiss language) and some other ingredients. The last few days I had some trials for […]

Plants .5

Considering that I was quite disappointed and never wanted to write about The Plant Factory I still ended up mentioning it a lot and here goes once again. Time passes quickly and so it’s now one year already and the annual update cycle doesn’t spare this product. The changes and enhancements appear rather minor, but I guess […]

Les Avenues

Just the other day I was working again on some of the stuff for what eventually could become a v2 of Les Blocs after not having given it much thought for almost a year and found myself pondering the necessity of complimenting it with some way to build actual roads. Seems that one of the people […]


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