The Third Dimension

Flowing inside a Box

As a part-time geek/ nerd of course I’m no stranger to node-based apps and workflows, be that XPresso in Cinema 4D,compositing stuff in Fusion or Blender or modo‘s Schematic view. I even dabbled with Nuke and Houdini every now and then and of course if it wasn’t for the price and licensing restrictions would also enjoy […]

Buy – Sell – Put – Hold

Money makes the world go round, does it not? Inevitably bigger companies buy smaller companies because they have something to gain and smaller companies will many times all too happily sell their asse(t)s to bigger organizations and take the money. So far nothing unusual here, but I must admit even I became a little nervous […]

Experimental Elemental

As I wrote a while ago, I didn’t have much time to finish up some of the stuff I had lined up for showing how cool some of the new features in Element 3D v2 are due to last minute bug fixes pending and so on. Now, two weeks later and with a bugfix update […]

Opinionated Flares

While I was caught between flood and fire with another infection in my lungs that I seem to contract now with terrifying regularity every two weeks and at the same time trying to help out a friend again that has his own share of being under the weather with a cold by fixing up a […]

For ‘t is the Day…

…when Element 3D v2 is released. Yepp, finally you can grab and buy it here and since the price is still ridiculously low despite an ass-ton of features having been added, it’s almost a no-brainer to get a license or upgrade. As usual, I’m gonna spare you the marketing speech and only give you the short […]

I’m a Wanderer….

I far too rarely make the rounds on video sites and when I do, I often find the “recommended” videos/ staff picks of questionable quality or simply totally uninteresting, so I miss some of the good stuff, but occasionally some of that reaches a certain popularity and makes the rounds elsewhere, so I get to notice […]

It’s 2015…

Well, at least according to the Lightwave 3D group. In what I consider a not so smart move they have adopted Autodesk‘s and Adobe‘s bad habbits and now use the year to distinguish their latest version, so the users shall forever be confused and anybody trying to help people on forums get into the habit […]


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