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CC 2015 – To fix or not to fix?

In the never-ending story surrounding the botched CC 2015 release there’s now a little hope – if you want to call it that – by ways of the 2015.1 update for After Effects. That is, if you actually care to use that version, because regardless of fixed bugs other issues still abound and using it […]

CC 2015 – Fix and new Issues

Continuing yesterday’s listing, I can now happily report that Video CoPilot have fired out a compatible version of Element 3D. Check your account on their web site and download the latest update. Meanwhile, elsewhere it has been confirmed that loading (Sony) MXF files in After Effects (and possibly also Premiere Pro) is screwed. As they put […]


The sneaky little bastards at Adobe have been on a shopping spree once again and while it didn’t quite turn out to be The Foundry or Maxon, they’ve sunk their teeth into Mixamo. If they would refrain from decorating everything with their marketing bullshit, things would be much easier to bear, but while this may be […]

Go, get 901!

Yepp, friends, the much talked about 901 update for modo is now available, so it’s time to take out your credit card. Even if you don’t have a specific need for one of the new features, minor as some of them may be, the improved stability alone may be worth your while. (yepp, this promotional […]


Since I’m sure this thread will deteriorate and given CGTalk‘s shitty moderation policies (and the Cinema 4D forum being moderated by Maxon staff to boot) be shut down, let me post Nigel‘s wise words reflecting the sad state of affairs here. As for trying to get Maxon’s attention before and with my departure. Not something […]


With The Foundry now in “safe” hands everyone can relax their cramped muscles and actually look forward to upcoming releases like modo 901. Detailed info on the new features has become available. As usual, I’m not going to repeat the marketing hubub, but let me point out my personal highlights. Mesh Fusion – Of course, […]

Saved by a Bell…

…well, a stack of cash that is. Yepp, all speculations about Adobe gobbling up The Foundry and (potentially) digesting and dissolving it into their portfolio blob can now be put at rest – for a while, anyway. While everyone is leery of investment groups, the good part usually is that they leave the companies they buy alone as in […]


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