The Mundane

Queer as your Neighbor

Yesterday my family and I were celebrating my grandma’s 89th birthday, we had a cycling race in the area and it was the international day against homophobia. I usually don’t make too much of a fuss over it, but since I’m still watching Queer as Folk, it seems fitting to throw out a little comment. It […]

Calendar Fail

When things go wrong, they seem to go thoroughly wrong, it seems. Today while I was at my parents’ yet another heavy parcel arrived and it is a good thing I was around. It contained my mom’s photo calendar and while it actually looked quite nice, it once more had this ugly issue where letters […]

Broken Lens

One of my many little secrets is that I keep watching Making-ofs and Behind-the-Scenes material packed in the bonus sections of DVDs/ Blu-Rays even on awful movies like Star Wars Episode I-III since it’s just interesting from a technical point of view and understanding the process of how some films come together. That being the […]

I’m Awake!

Yepp, it’s once more time to talk about Star Wars. With the new trailer just coming online and a nice selection of images, how could we possibly avoid it? While I was less than impressed with the first teaser, this is much more like it. That crashed battle cruiser in the desert in the opening shot […]


Fighting the good fight I just wrote some articles illustrating how insane our public health system can be and perhaps you care to read them and sign the petition (if you are from Germany). Deine Unterschrift für meine Windel! Your Signature for my Nappy!

Calendar Mom

Since my mom is a teacher, she got it in her head to give her soon to be ex-students a custom photo calendar as a parting gift. While I’m generally proud of her embracing computers even at a late age (she only started when she was around 50), she’s the “Your mom nuked the Internet.” […]

Cuuute kissing

That is so cute: Jude and Connor Kiss I wish I would have thought of kissing the boy I had a crush on when I was 13. ;-) Also props to the script writers: “I don’t get you.” perfectly summarizes this turmoil of mixed emotions you have for your best buddy, mixed with all the […]


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