The Mundane

Predictable 10

You know, there’s nothing more boring than when your grandma can tell you what new features will come to this year’s edition of your favorite software tool (or something along those lines) and I strongly feel that way about the raytrace render stuff in the upcoming Nuke 10. It’s so painfully obvious – users have […]

The Room with a View

This week it was time for my annual medical check-up, so I spent it in the hospital at Universitätsklinikum Halle. Having a room on the tenth floor certainly has its advantages like having a nice view on the surroundings or seeing the rescue chopper hovering in on its approach to the landing pad. On the other […]

The Week of Non-Happenings

One of the things I really miss about the graphics software industry is some positive excitement. These days I rarely ever get that “Me want!” feeling because things seem so predictable, mundane, ordinary and even dreary. You know, that feeling when something comes out and you want to immediately call the developers idiots because what […]


Last year’s Christmas presents included the first version of Natron and now, not quite a year later, we have version two on its way. For a free package the new features are not bad, though it’s still strictly a 2D affair. Some good news is that the OFX interface seems a lot more stable, so it […]

Adobe and the Linux Curse

An interesting discussion popped up on regarding the creation of a perfect Linux distribution for artists, over the course of which it was suggested that Adobe do it. While the idea is sound and on an idealistic level makes a lot of sense, it still falls through. First, of course: Who as an artist actually […]

Miracles happen?

Maxon, what took you so long? When it comes to being closed up, they were closed up as someone who has been tied, gagged and plugged during a BDSM play session (yes, I know how that stuff works; feel free to ask). Gathering from this thread over at CGTalk it seems they’re finally coming around. Did […]

Knock, knock…

Today is a weird day. For days I’d been wondering about some repetitive knocking at the strangest times and today I found out what it actually was. I live on the 5th floor of a concrete building from 35 years ago and back then they didn’t think of acoustic damping and the walls sometimes feel like […]


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