The Mundane

(Don’t?) Sweat it!

In the Möbius loop that is my precarious health, it seems I’m going through the same cycle over and over again, just in different intervals. The frequencies of my medical schedule – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually – are like an interfering wave pattern that would create screechy noise in an analog synthesizer. One of those noises […]

The Error Code Database needs you!

My, what a week! The powers that be, meaning our MDK (Medizinischer Dienst der Kassen = Medical Evaluation Board), on behalf of my health insurance have force-declared me fit for work, so I have to re-enter the circuit of going on a hunt for a job after almost one year downtime. Suffice it to say […]

The Power of 10

With regards to operating systems, 10 doesn’t seem to be a good version number. After Apple already have been making everyone’s life difficult with OS X 10.10 for the last nine months or so, it seems Microsoft are following suit. Yepp, as if the inherent issues with the CC 2015 weren’t enough, upgrading to Windows 10 […]

Bye-bye, Rabbi!

There are actors that you just remember in an odd way, even if they ever only played in one episode of your favorite series, and you never quite know why. So in this case I’m not sure if it was the fake Russian accent or the bearded face that was so memorable about Rabbi Koslov […]


Following up on the first season, just yesterday I finished the second one of Orange is the new Black and I’m loving it! Some of my points still stick – that whole Piper and Larry and their family clans thing is just *yuck* and whenever they cut to those going-ons, you feel like you’re wasting another minute of your […]


The cuties at The Foundry have come up with a competition to make your summer lull a little less boring. I wouldn’t normally post such stuff, but the prices they give away are reasonably good, so it may be worth a shot. The subject of creating some fake UI porn on the below imagery is […]

We are News…

…unfortunately not in a good way. Yepp, my shabby little home town/ village is making the rounds after some shooting at a refugee home. Makes me sad.


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