The Mundane

Silent Night, Silent Release

In the madness that surrounds my life with three medical appointments again just this week some things slip by. It so happens that I totally forgot to mention that Sapphire 8 is now officially available just in time for Christmas. If you haven’t participated in the public Beta because of potential compatibility issues, you should be […]

Opinionated Flares

While I was caught between flood and fire with another infection in my lungs that I seem to contract now with terrifying regularity every two weeks and at the same time trying to help out a friend again that has his own share of being under the weather with a cold by fixing up a […]

The Freedom to be myself

Over the last few days there have been a few incidents where people gave me flak for stuff written here on my blog like my modo vs. Cinema 4D comparison or my opinions on MOX and I think it’s time to once and for all set a few things straight. First, everyone have their eyes […]


Early last year I published some icons to make your XFrog objects look a bit more appealing in Cinema 4D and now I’ve given this another spin. I tried to make them even more consistent, but as always I could probably do another 20 variations and still not be 100% satisfied. I’ve also included XL versions […]

Bigger is better!

For a while now I had this desire for a bigger monitor. My old trusty HP 24″ wasn’t bad even after 8 years, but when pushing around palettes in After Effects and Cinema 4D it always felt like there were a few pixels missing left and right, top and bottom to just display that much […]

Sketchy Panda

Yesterday I was sifting through my stack of half-finished bedtime evening doodles and decided what to keep and what to trash. one of those things to keep is the little Panda below which inevitably was one of those ideas that came to mind while I was trying my hand at the little nappy bear. It’s […]

Toddster Alert!

The world is a mad place. If you need any proof of that you only need to follow the career of the one and only  Todd Kopriva. After hanging around there forever, they have now appointed him the product manger for After Effects, replacing the Canadian with the deep voice, Steve Forde. Mmh. I still don’t […]


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