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Knit your own Fabric!

My hyper-stimulated nerd genes love dabbling in obscure “generative” software and node-based interfaces are just always nice, so quite imaginably, the now released Fabric Engine 2 with Canvas is just up my alley. For now it’s of limited practical use to me because the plug-ins for modo and Cinema 4D are still in Beta, but […]

Sapphire goes 9

Same procedure as every year, I guess. Just like there will be predictably a new version of your favorite program every year, plug-in vendors follow suit and pimp their products in the same cycles. Sapphire 9 is now out for your pleasure and you can download it from the GenArts site. No real changes to […]

After Effects repainted?

Things being what they are, After Effects is pretty screwed up these days. Not only is it behind the times in terms of technologies (notwithstanding of course some science-driven stuff like the Key Cleaner and Refine Edges effects) and performance, but also over the years many of its paradigms and tools didn’t turn out quite as […]

Micro-Plant-Station (or something like that)

The shuffling around in “the industry” continues. This time e-on Software got bought by Bentley (no, not those cars), which is an interesting move. While Microstation has been around forever, it’s actually one of the CAD programs I never got around to use first hand because none of our clients used it. Of course the […]

Knock, knock…

Today is a weird day. For days I’d been wondering about some repetitive knocking at the strangest times and today I found out what it actually was. I live on the 5th floor of a concrete building from 35 years ago and back then they didn’t think of acoustic damping and the walls sometimes feel like […]

All you need is kill!

In the weird system that is Hollywood they somehow always seem a bit too bent on filing off all rough edges and making their movies conformist to a mass market, and so weirdly enough that Japanese manga of above name turned into Edge of Tomorrow. As it turned out, much to the detriment of the movie’s […]

Alive and A-Dead?

I know that when he’s so terribly quiet, he’s usually terribly busy, but for a while there even I was getting worried about Mr. Kramer. After all it’s been almost three months. It’s good to see they left him out of his dungeon working on Star Wars – The Force Awakens. To be honest, though, […]


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