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I have always been, and forever shall be, your friend.

Boohoo, a sad day for every Trekker, Yepp, Mr. Spock or more to the point his human alter ego Leonard Nimoy has passed on to the Vulcan afterlife. Aww… Not entirely unexpected, of course, with the man being 83 years old and having a history of alcohol/ medication abuse and smoking, but nonetheless… He was one […]

All Stuff must come to an End

Who would have thought? It’s now a bit more than a year when I lost my job and I’ve spent three quarters of that time down sick. I’m still looking for a new job (if ever anyone will hire a cripple like me) and because of all that I have some bad news for you. As I’m trying to […]

Photoshop sucks! (a bit at least)

Since I’m still quite involved with editing my photos for my health site, it is a fitting realization that Photoshop turns 25. It’s hard to imagine that once there was a world without this little program even for me, though certainly my use of it is limited. On the other hand I’m glad I don’t have […]

Cinema’s (Self-) Image

CGTalk (no, I’ll never call them the CGSociety forums) is certainly an interesting place to pick up on random threads and one of those was titled Cinema 4D’s “Mograph” Image Problem?. Before the bashing begins anew – it was started by Cinema 4D users, so don’t blame me… ;-) Does the program have an image as a […]

I saw a good Movie – and a bad one, too.

As I have written many times here already, I don’t all too often actually watch movies on TV and prefer to get them on DVD or whatever. Depending on price and priority that can take a while and so sometimes a good movie slips past my net. Margin Call is one of those. It’s a […]

Effects from the Drawer

Yupp, everybody loves me for my quickfire mouth and so inevitably I do clash a lot with people. The latest incident revolves around César‘s polygon unwrap/ peel/ curl plug-in which I perhaps a pit too quickly declared as getting tiring after using it for two projects. Of course, as someone said in that discussion on CGTalk […]

Wavin’ and (Mis-)Behavin’

It’s one of those weeks where working the Adobe forums is literally so dull and frustrating, I can barely hold on to myself. Almost miraculous that I’m not barking at everyone. The far below par quality of Adobe‘s support certainly doesn’t make things easier on the forums, too. *argh* Speaking of frustrations, I realize more and […]


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