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I see Nodes (lots of them)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know about my obsession about data graphics such as my custom relationship diagram using Plexus as well as my interest in fake UI stuff in movies and what could be better when both go together? The new version of Yanobox Nodes looks pretty rad. Too […]

The better NAB News

When last I speculated on what The Foundry might be up to anything could have happened and here we are sort of expectedly unexpected. While the introduction of Nuke Studio may count as valid news, it didn’t really come as that much of a surprise if you connected the dots between Hiero and Nuke. That […]

Dear Harry,…

Edit: Rewrote some sentences to make them more clear. …Your comment on this little bugger finally made it clear to me that I think I need to explain myself a bit more. It’s not that I hate Universe, but I hate Universe. Why? First, it reminds me of what Red Giant have been doing with […]

4 Weeks

Hard to believe it’s now already 4 weeks since I threw in the towel and head over toes quit my job over lack of payment. Strange as it is, this time has been as stressful as going to work with a hand full of pre-scheduled medical appointments and the hoopla with the (un-)employment agency, but […]


Ever since little Niklas snatched the Pirates of the Carribean DVD while sneaking around my parents’ flat he’s pretty obsessed about Capt. Jack Sparrow (sounds sooo cute when he pronounces it wrongly) and you can’t make him more happy than printing out ships and other clip art stuff he can use for coloring. That made […]

Sir Patrick & Sir Ian

The two most awesomest actors on the planet! I never can get enough of that stuff.


Yesterday was a funny day in that nobody seemed to have considered the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. I had a ton of invitations to watch odd webinars on stuff that probably wouldn’t have interested me in the least, anyway. So instead I sat down and watched that other stuff, expecting it to be pretty cheesy, […]

Elysium what?!

Hollywood is a strange system. Always hungering for money, studios are on the permanent hunt for the next wunderkind that makes them lots of cash. That being so, every director who produced a film “on a budget” and lands a surprise hit is then handed a bigger project with more stars and a higher budget […]

Don’t kill the Killah!

Since my intestines are burning like crazy at the moment, it’s one of those phases where I often cuddle up on my bed quite early in the evening (as I will after writing this post at 6 P.M.) and aside from watching my DVDs (currently Babylon 5 again; 20 years *yay*) I do the occasional […]

Paper Tree

As someone who can at least draw a little bit I’m always keeping an eye on how to recreate certain styles in 3D as well. One of those used quite often in architectural sketches is to leave everything mostly white and then only color the actual building (often even only partially) and sprinkle in a […]


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