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Cuuute kissing

That is so cute: Jude and Connor Kiss I wish I would have thought of kissing the boy I had a crush on when I was 13. ;-) Also props to the script writers: “I don’t get you.” perfectly summarizes this turmoil of mixed emotions you have for your best buddy, mixed with all the […]


As you know if you have been following this blog over the years, I have a love for oceanic underwater life and those creatures simply fascinate me. That’s why a few weeks ago I started decorating my bathroom with some respectively themed wall stickers they sold for just 5 Euros at a discount store and […]


Despite my moving away from Cinema 4D more and more, I still follow it with some interest and so inside myself I’m still torn. Part of that is of course X-Particles. While I’ve never used it much for serious stuff, it’s one of those truly unique plug-ins that gets you hooked and then you find […]


While last weeks news about the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D being free surely are relevant in terms of using these tools for previsualization and production planning (outside actually creating interactive stuff), I’m still more interested in the conventional side of these things and so I’m reasonably excited about Compagnie BUF releasing their in-house tools step […]


Yesterday my younger brother and I were channeling our inner child and went to see Spongebob 3D at the movies. Getting to the cinema was already a bit of a frustrating exercise since the weather was quite good and Leipzig’s inner city was swarming with people, so it was difficult to find a parking spot even […]

I have always been, and forever shall be, your friend.

Boohoo, a sad day for every Trekker, Yepp, Mr. Spock or more to the point his human alter ego Leonard Nimoy has passed on to the Vulcan afterlife. Aww… Not entirely unexpected, of course, with the man being 83 years old and having a history of alcohol/ medication abuse and smoking, but nonetheless… He was one […]

All Stuff must come to an End

Who would have thought? It’s now a bit more than a year when I lost my job and I’ve spent three quarters of that time down sick. I’m still looking for a new job (if ever anyone will hire a cripple like me) and because of all that I have some bad news for you. As I’m trying to […]


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