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Broken Lens

One of my many little secrets is that I keep watching Making-ofs and Behind-the-Scenes material packed in the bonus sections of DVDs/ Blu-Rays even on awful movies like Star Wars Episode I-III since it’s just interesting from a technical point of view and understanding the process of how some films come together. That being the […]

Crooked VR?

After Facebook bought Oculus and their “virtual reality” goggle everyone went crazy, shortly followed by Sony, Google and others with their own projects and it seems now in the post-Stereo-3D and post-4k-craze era this is the latest trend/ fad. Like all these things there are some considerable technical issues to resolve and while certainly it is […]

I’m Awake!

Yepp, it’s once more time to talk about Star Wars. With the new trailer just coming online and a nice selection of images, how could we possibly avoid it? While I was less than impressed with the first teaser, this is much more like it. That crashed battle cruiser in the desert in the opening shot […]

The Original

Aside from having limited access to it way back then with version 4 (my computer sucked, so I actually never pursued it fully), I’ve long been salivating over Nuke and finally there’s a chance to get a bit into it (again) with the “free” non-commercial edition. As much as I hate to say it, nothing […]

Yummy Autodesk

Over the years it has become trés chic to hate on Autodesk, mainly for sucking the marrow from their customer’s bones with annual updates without doing much in terms of really developing the programs and fixing legacy issues. Project XBR (a re-designed MAX based on nodal workflows) had been demoed several years and yet never […]

Quadratic Plants

The eternal race between SpeedTree and The Plant Factory just got more balanced again with the 2015 version of the latter tool also supporting quad meshes and even promising to merge them for contiguous (subdiv) cages. Interestingly, they also reworked their wind algorithm (since I only ever had the free PLE version I have no […]

Cuuute kissing

That is so cute: Jude and Connor Kiss I wish I would have thought of kissing the boy I had a crush on when I was 13. ;-) Also props to the script writers: “I don’t get you.” perfectly summarizes this turmoil of mixed emotions you have for your best buddy, mixed with all the […]


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