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Hacky vs. thorough

Over the weekend an interesting challenge popped up on the After Effects mailing list. A user wanted letters to fly in, but only from four directions perpendicular to one another. Quickly I suggested using a bunch of text animators for each direction and an expression selector based on modulus operators to determine the actual number to […]

Red is the new Orange

One of the few little pleasures I can still afford from time to time is getting myself a bunch of DVDs. Usually I wait until their price goes down and they end up in the budget/ sales tray, but this time I couldn’t resist and grabbed Orange is the new Black season one right on the […]

Rainbow Stars & Stripes

While I have my reservations about some constitutional freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Bill of Rights and I also take a dim view on the over-complicated, overboarding legal system over there, amazingly on a simplistic level it can be advantageous sometimes as recent Supreme Court ruling about any laws that prohibit same sex marriage are discriminatory […]

His last Bugle Fanfare

Yepp, it’s now confirmed, James Horner has moved to the great beyond after his plane crashed and of course as a long-time Star Trek fan it’s most definitely relevant. The Battle in the Mutara Nebula must be one of my favorite soundtrack pieces of all time. That and of course anyone remembers Titanic and Avatar […]

Queer Endings

Finally I managed to finish my first ever viewing of Queer as Folk as a whole. Yay! One would think that with only five seasons it didn’t take so long, but alas, even binge watching can only get you through three or four episodes every evening. So what’s the verdict? As I wrote a few days […]

The Door in the Floor*

*movie title; Anyone remember this scene with the vagina drawing slapping against the car’s windshield? Had me in stitches… The ever great Stu Maschwitz has written an interesting article on some aspects of software design and he’s using the “many doors” metaphor quite well here. Let me add a few more thoughts of my own. […]

The Death of Saruman

I’m scared. I’m really, really scared. You know why? Just this morning on my way back from my neurologist I was pondering on the very subject of when people like Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Christopher Plummer or the very Christopher Lee might leave us, given their not being so young anymore, and alas, a few hours later […]


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