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Boob Raider!

My life in the digital world is full of on-off-love-hate relationships with specific software, and games are no exception. One of those is Tomb Raider and its heroine Lara Croft. I loved the original game back then on my first 486 DX PC. Inevitably I then also got teh second game and that’s when I […]

Nothing compares 2 U

Wonderful song, isn’t it? I still have those pictures of Sinead O’Connor in my head… In the wake of the recent release of Cinema 4D R17 inevitably those questions popped up on my dashboard about an updated/ revised comparison of modo vs. Cinema. The bad news is, that I’m not going to do it. There’s a […]

The most important Feature modo doesn’t have?!

The last one and a half week have been making ripples, well, waves actually, in modo land since they opened up an old wound regarding everyone’s favorite missing feature: The total absence of parametric, re-editable text, including options for extrusions, bevels and so on. that and of course similarly the lack of proper spline tools. The […]

Grim Tales in Space

At long last I managed to get myself Interstellar. I had waited until the pricing got a little more reasonable because I wasn’t in a rush and it’s one of the rare occasions where I consciously wanted a Blu-Ray for the visuals. Imagine my shock when I popped in the disc and had to look […]

R17 not so cute

Alas, my predictions were too optimistic and thus wrong, but well, perhaps I need to change that flickering light bulb in my crystal ball. The cat’s out of the bag and the new features for Cinema 4D R17 have been announced and it’s pretty lackluster, if I may say so. A lot of stuff like […]

Bye-bye, Rabbi!

There are actors that you just remember in an odd way, even if they ever only played in one episode of your favorite series, and you never quite know why. So in this case I’m not sure if it was the fake Russian accent or the bearded face that was so memorable about Rabbi Koslov […]


Following up on the first season, just yesterday I finished the second one of Orange is the new Black and I’m loving it! Some of my points still stick – that whole Piper and Larry and their family clans thing is just *yuck* and whenever they cut to those going-ons, you feel like you’re wasting another minute of your […]


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