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Plug-Ins ahead!

The lull of summer leaves everyone short on news, but those last two weeks a few bright spots have appeared on the horizon that could be interesting. The most notable to me is that Renato Tarabella has revived his N.O.T.A. plug-in, but now it comes as a MoGraph effector. The thing is that while for […]


Somewhere inside me I have this alternate personality that not only loves the flamboyancy and artistic finesse of the Cirque du Soleil, but also enjoys the wonderful world of musicals – kitschy or otherwise. In fact I sometimes tend to think that if I lived in New York and had the money I’d be spending a […]


Sometimes there is simple little plug-ins out there that you never knew you wanted until you actually used them. Video CoPilot‘s latest, Color Vibrance, is one of those to fall in love with. While it doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do with blending modes and a few other tricks, it simplifies the process by wrapping […]

Züri, i spür di…

That, my friends is a crude approximation of what “Zürich, I feel you…” might sound in Schwyzerdütsch – yes that language that sounds a bit like German, but not quite, and is intermingled with pieces of Italian, French, Rätho-Roman (a regional Swiss language) and some other ingredients. The last few days I had some trials for […]

Riding on a Jet Plane…

The other day I had this weird flash in my mind where I suddenly had this vision of drawing a 1950s/1960s era jet plane. I consider this the golden age of military jet aviation because of the experimental nature of many designs – crude, but somehow still sleek and elegant; notoriously underpowered and unstable, yet […]

Les Avenues

Just the other day I was working again on some of the stuff for what eventually could become a v2 of Les Blocs after not having given it much thought for almost a year and found myself pondering the necessity of complimenting it with some way to build actual roads. Seems that one of the people […]

La Conchita, go!

Ah, what a night! Say what you will about all the campy-ness, mediocre music, distasteful clothing and the bad English, but the Eurovision Song Contest is still fun and worthwile watching in its on weird and wonderful way. Conchita Wurst took the crown and it didn’t really come that unexpected. You could have bet on it and […]

Evaporated Drop

Tonight is going to be the annual Eurovision Song Contest and no doubt it’s going to be once again full of kitschy, over-the-top performances and bad songs that will be fun to watch, but you’d never buy the record. On the other hand there will also be some folklore-themed songs or at least more traditional […]

Illustri(ou)s Kaiju

Just a few random geek bits today. First I accidentally stumbled upon this Kaiju chart. Not only does it provide a good reference for how big those beasts are, but it is actually quite well-drawn. That’s one of those things you always have with those monster movies – at least I never quite know how […]

I can do Nodes me!

As happens so often it sometimes only takes a slight nudge to finally make me do some projects that I had long on my list and this time my recent post on Nodes 2 and the associated video tipped the balance. So I sat down and crafted my own little parametric setup to create those […]


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