The Inspirational

I’m on (Sap)phire!

If you’re following this blog, you of course know about my obsession with lens flares and I’m sure you’re one of those guys who even have downloaded some of the free ones. Now creating these little buggers can be quite an ordeal and so I’m always hoping that someone will create “the ultimate lens flare […]

Mischievous Buying Spree

You have to hand it to The Foundry – when you think you have figured them out, they surprise you with an unexpected move. Buying Mischief and thus the underlying technology is an interesting, if surprising move. Let’s admit it – very few of us will even have heard of that app before. While the […]

"Why are Humans afraid of us?"

After yet another dull week in the hospital I had on of those rare opportunities to get out and meet with a few friends and while zipping through the mall I ended up browsing a book store. There this little children’s book jumped to my eye. The title translates as “A Little Spider named Disgusting” […]

Sketchy Panda

Yesterday I was sifting through my stack of half-finished bedtime evening doodles and decided what to keep and what to trash. one of those things to keep is the little Panda below which inevitably was one of those ideas that came to mind while I was trying my hand at the little nappy bear. It’s […]

Delays, Delays

With my life now revolving around spending two days or more at doctors or other medical stuff every week, I find myself less and less able to catch up even with the most trivial things. Yesterday I finally managed to polish up my download pages and properly list some content that I had previously only posted […]

Flares are a Go!

I swore to myself that I’ll never ever do lens flares again, but inevitably one can’t help but dabble around and try out ideas and once you reach a certain point you actually want to finish what you started. So here is one more collection of flares that I’ve been toying with on and off […]

X times 3

While I’m often on the verge of giving Cinema 4D the boot because I’m so tired of its shortcomings and quirks, other times I’m still amazed what you can do with it once you can get over those frustrations (insert or subtract the still valid complaints about the renderer as you see fit here). A good […]


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