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I’m on (Sap)phire!

If you’re following this blog, you of course know about my obsession with lens flares and I’m sure you’re one of those guys who even have downloaded some of the free ones. Now creating these little buggers can be quite an ordeal and so I’m always hoping that someone will create “the ultimate lens flare […]

The Freedom to be myself

Over the last few days there have been a few incidents where people gave me flak for stuff written here on my blog like my modo vs. Cinema 4D comparison or my opinions on MOX and I think it’s time to once and for all set a few things straight. First, everyone have their eyes […]

Mischievous Buying Spree

You have to hand it to The Foundry – when you think you have figured them out, they surprise you with an unexpected move. Buying Mischief and thus the underlying technology is an interesting, if surprising move. Let’s admit it – very few of us will even have heard of that app before. While the […]

Awesome Fusion

A few weeks ago the news of Blackmagic acquiring Eyeon and thus Fusion made quite an impact and everyone immediately started speculating that there would be a free of charge “Lite” version similar to Resolve or at least they would considerably slash the price so it becomes affordable. and what do you know? They did exactly […]

modo meets Cinema – another Year, another Version

Since last year’s edition is still an extremely popular post on this blog and we’re approaching the one year anniversary pretty soon, I thought it is time to update and revise it. If you know the old one, some of it will be redundant, but you will hopefully still find some of the info interesting, useful or at […]


With a strange mix of bewilderment and confusion I’ve been following the MOX file format discussion ever since it started out on the After Effects Mailing List. Let me start off by saying that in fact it would be great to have something that matches what MXF and AAF once aspired to be in a […]

Bigger is better!

For a while now I had this desire for a bigger monitor. My old trusty HP 24″ wasn’t bad even after 8 years, but when pushing around palettes in After Effects and Cinema 4D it always felt like there were a few pixels missing left and right, top and bottom to just display that much […]


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