The Big Red A

Sapphire goes 9

Same procedure as every year, I guess. Just like there will be predictably a new version of your favorite program every year, plug-in vendors follow suit and pimp their products in the same cycles. Sapphire 9 is now out for your pleasure and you can download it from the GenArts site. No real changes to […]

Miracles happen?

Maxon, what took you so long? When it comes to being closed up, they were closed up as someone who has been tied, gagged and plugged during a BDSM play session (yes, I know how that stuff works; feel free to ask). Gathering from this thread over at CGTalk it seems they’re finally coming around. Did […]

After Effects repainted?

Things being what they are, After Effects is pretty screwed up these days. Not only is it behind the times in terms of technologies (notwithstanding of course some science-driven stuff like the Key Cleaner and Refine Edges effects) and performance, but also over the years many of its paradigms and tools didn’t turn out quite as […]

Cineware Redux

On the After Effects mailing list Chris Meyer asked about the use of Cineware since they want to include a chapter on it in a revised edition of their After Effects Apprentice books (which are actually a lot more *meh* than the original Creating Motion Graphics IMO) and the responses were probably not what he expected. […]

Take a Crack at this!

You are naughty kids! Yepp, looking for software cracks via my site just isn’t nice and my dashboard doesn’t lie. ;-) Not that I wouldn’t understand your motivations, but you’ll have better luck elsewhere, whether you’re just taking a “I want my stuff to be free” attitude or just want to revive your legally purchased […]

CC 2015 Point (Zero Zero) Two?

The universe is going to make another burp (or rather a dissatisfied loud belch) with the upcoming second year half versions of Adobe‘s video tools. Inevitably in time for IBC the news are trickling in and if I hadn’t better things to do, I’d go *facepalm* all the time. When did the world become so […]

Alive and A-Dead?

I know that when he’s so terribly quiet, he’s usually terribly busy, but for a while there even I was getting worried about Mr. Kramer. After all it’s been almost three months. It’s good to see they left him out of his dungeon working on Star Wars – The Force Awakens. To be honest, though, […]


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