The Big Red A

Takes me, Baby!

Since I’ve been battling with some serious infection again those last two weeks, this place no doubt has been a bit of a graveyard, but then again, there’s usually not much to report. The After Effects universe has become such a dark place, I can barely motivate myself to get excited even a tiny bit. That […]

Do you “Believe”?

Back in October when we were attending the Varekai performance, they were handing out flyers for upcoming events and one of those was Holiday on Ice. My mom had seen one or two of their shows over a decade ago and in a fit of nostalgia decided that she would like to go to see one […]

Christmas Survey

Surveys suck! I know because I have been guilty of imposing one or two onto people in my time as well. Designing them sucks, filling them out sucks, collecting the data sucks. Yet, inevitably this stuff sometimes is the only way to get a picture on some facts. A company that has this down to […]

Patching the Patch

There was a time in my life when I was completely OCD over After Effects. I published tutorials, fired out plenty of projects, crafted projects on the fly to help out other users and was part of the Beta. These days I’m glad I have nothing to do with that ever since the program got […]

I told you…!

Here we go again – sadly – and contribute to the never-ending story of “Why does Adobe even bother to release unfinished, buggy software?” It’s unfathomable, really. Aside from the already mentioned obnoxious stubbornness of the CC app itself and its refusal to update and install apps, so far the most obvious issues are: The undo […]


After the madness of all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, December starts off with some interesting news, beginning with Adobe’s Creative Christmas Cloud. *lol* In what could only be described as one of the most moronic moves, the debacle that was the release of the massively buggy CC 2015 versions overshadowed the rest […]

30 Million Taos

In the motion graphics business only one thing is true: Everything comes back – sometimes with a vengeance – every few years and just like lens flares will never die out (I’m already expecting another onslaught of fan made videos heavy on this stuff after everyone has watched the JJ Abrams-ified version of Star Wars), […]


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