The Big Red A

The Power of 10

With regards to operating systems, 10 doesn’t seem to be a good version number. After Apple already have been making everyone’s life difficult with OS X 10.10 for the last nine months or so, it seems Microsoft are following suit. Yepp, as if the inherent issues with the CC 2015 weren’t enough, upgrading to Windows 10 […]

R17 Cuteness

The search terms appearing on my dashboard questions are cute, I give you that. No sooner do I drop hints about the pending announcements for Cinema 4D on SIGGRAPH, people start probing. I wish I could tell you, but Maxon never loved me that much to invite me to their Beta and of course I’ve dropped […]

CC 2015 – To fix or not to fix?

In the never-ending story surrounding the botched CC 2015 release there’s now a little hope – if you want to call it that – by ways of the 2015.1 update for After Effects. That is, if you actually care to use that version, because regardless of fixed bugs other issues still abound and using it […]

The Way of the Noodle?

I don’t follow Red Giant kingdom that much anymore since aside from the ump-teenth repackaging of their products and a handful of cheesy glows and canned looks with every Universe update they seem to be all about making money these days instead of real innovation, but it of course so happens that they also gobbled up Trapcode a […]

Hacky vs. thorough

Over the weekend an interesting challenge popped up on the After Effects mailing list. A user wanted letters to fly in, but only from four directions perpendicular to one another. Quickly I suggested using a bunch of text animators for each direction and an expression selector based on modulus operators to determine the actual number to […]

CC 2015 – Forum Gold

A slightly frustrated user just posted this on the Adobe forums: Hi, I hate the live preview! Is there a way to use the old method, where you wait a bit and then play it without any lags, if you don’t have a powerful machine? Another user also requested the return of the “alternate preview” […]

CC 2015 is awesome…

…well, not quite, but – irony of ironies – in my daily fishing on forums I just recorded my 600th After Effects error because of the unstable nature of that little bitch. I just noticed this when my Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all this blinked. I’m hopelessly backlogged on bringing the […]


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