The Awful

4 Weeks

Hard to believe it’s now already 4 weeks since I threw in the towel and head over toes quit my job over lack of payment. Strange as it is, this time has been as stressful as going to work with a hand full of pre-scheduled medical appointments and the hoopla with the (un-)employment agency, but […]

Universal Implosion

There’s a theory that one day our universe will almost instantaneously implode on itself just as it exploded out of nowhere with the big bang and I think that just happened to me. Yepp, as it turns out, Red Giant Universe is one hell of a disappointment in that it’s merely yet another attempt to get […]

Elysium what?!

Hollywood is a strange system. Always hungering for money, studios are on the permanent hunt for the next wunderkind that makes them lots of cash. That being so, every director who produced a film “on a budget” and lands a surprise hit is then handed a bigger project with more stars and a higher budget […]

38 Million Lines of Code

Well, we don’t know if they are actually that many lines of code, but there sure are a lot that make up Acrobat, ColdFusion and Photoshop. We now have a casualty count on the recent Adobe security breach and while we don’t know the exact details on the code stuff, we know that 38 million […]

Adobe Security Bust

Long is it beknownst to humankind that Adobe and security are some kind of eternal paradox, considering how they bring you (their “valued customers”) to the edge with leaky Flash Player updates or Creative Cloud nagging you with constant sign-ins making you think you are sending your credentials to some scamster’s underpowered fake server. Now it seems it really […]

Delightful Heisenberg

One of the few good things when you are down sick at home is that you have plenty of time to watch stuff on TV or DVD. So I actually managed to chew through all Breaking Bad episodes (that thus far are available), sometimes 5 or 6 episodes on a single day. This his been […]

Make CC (CS7) work for you!

Because last year’s edition still ranks as the top popular post on this little shabby blog of mine, I thought it might be a good idea to update and expand it a little for After Effects CC. Some things stay the same, some things have improved, several things have gotten worse, actually, so let’s cut […]

Delay, Delay

While I myself probably am the master of endless delays because I all too often inflate my projects to a level of complexity so it takes forever to finish them, I still find it acceptable, since, after all, I’m giving most of it away for free. On the other hand there are delays that are […]

Creative Awful

Just installed After Effects CC with Cineware here at work (yes, after 8 weeks sick I’m back at my office!) and what can I say? It’s in every aspect as awful as I thought it would be. The performance simply sucks even with the simplest extruded text and then it keeps bugging you that the settings […]

The Day of the 17

I got up at 4 in the morning today because the pain in my abdomen and thorax once more prevented me from catching a few more hours of sleep and realized that today would actually be my 17th doctor appointment in those last 8 weeks. This means there were on average 2 per week and […]


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