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CC 2015 is awesome…

…well, not quite, but – irony of ironies – in my daily fishing on forums I just recorded my 600th After Effects error because of the unstable nature of that little bitch. I just noticed this when my Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all this blinked. I’m hopelessly backlogged on bringing the errors to the database, but I may get around to it one of these days. In similar news this also adds one or two further scratches on the CC 2015 release’s already bad reputation. The number of bugs is just staggering and my own little counter is somewhere around the 50 mark just for this release and just After Effects. From the resurgence of the “RAM preview needs 2 or more frames…” error to drawing issues with effects this is just a plain nightmare and one really begins to wonder what strange substances they’re using there to make such a mess. Though someone there being tweaked out on LSD or Meth would at least explain those ugly splash screens…

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Rainbow Stars & Stripes

While I have my reservations about some constitutional freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Bill of Rights and I also take a dim view on the over-complicated, overboarding legal system over there, amazingly on a simplistic level it can be advantageous sometimes as recent Supreme Court ruling about any laws that prohibit same sex marriage are discriminatory and thus not legal. Now I don’t want to pee on anyone’s parade and it is indeed a big step, but the many exuberant celebrations everywhere are perhaps are a bit premature in light of everyday discrimination still being widespread. This will take time before anyone will consider it “normal”, though I suppose it would make good material for that Queer as Folk follow-up series, if there ever will be one…

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CC 2015 – The Sum of all Fears

It’s now one week after the 2015 release of Creative Cloud and calling it a complete disaster would be doing anyone favors. For the time being I have decided to pass and probably won’t bother with the new versions until much, much later. In addition to my already mentioned issues, some additional ones have made the rounds.

  • The current time indicator (CTI) in After Effects often refuses to stop immediately during previews, making it impossible to work on exact timing.
  • Likewise, the previews stop, if the user attempts to drop markers during playback using the numpad keys.
  • The program crashes, if an auto-save happens during a preview. For all these issues it seems to me the Beta testers got carried away with running “uninterrupted previews” and being hypnotized by it without regarding other aspects.
  • On Macs there’s a weird smearing issue, where the CTI is drawn over and over again as it moves. Users only have been able to get rid of those drawing artifacts by quitting the program and restarting it.
  • The obnoxious little app that is Photoshop refuses to import video (even with respect to following troubleshooting steps) or when it works, it is slow as sun-dried cow poop.
  • Of course inevitably most extensions and plug-ins do not work or are blindly nuked by the new aggressive installer procedure.
  • Some tools in Photoshop seem to randomly not work, like e.g. the brush tool being stuck at a default brush and not allowing to pick another one.
  • Premiere Pro will not handle certain footage types that imported just fine in the previous versions and the default footage interpretations for some types are screwed.
  • Using single-channel/ mono files in Premiere causes them to mixdown wrongly. They have audio only on the left channel or the volume is adjusted. The make or break here seems to be that you cannot successfully mix a project with only mono tracks, but you can of you have a stereo track (usually the music) that somehow forces the program to handle this correctly.
  • There is a considerable number of reports of InDesign not remembering file paths from which files were opened or to which they were saved/ exported, which slows down workflows when the users have to navigate complex folder hierarchies over and over again.
  • Syncing of preferences and other stuff seems to pretty much not work reliably for any of the programs, but what else is new?
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His last Bugle Fanfare

Yepp, it’s now confirmed, James Horner has moved to the great beyond after his plane crashed and of course as a long-time Star Trek fan it’s most definitely relevant. The Battle in the Mutara Nebula must be one of my favorite soundtrack pieces of all time. That and of course anyone remembers Titanic and Avatar and possibly some of his other movies. While I don’t necessarily think he was the greatest composer on the planet (many of his themes in more recent films sound all too similar), his music has a way of sticking with you and you have to give him at least props for trying out a few alternate routes like using that steam organ in Titanic or the electronic noises in the already mentioned Trek movies…

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CC 2015 – More Suck on Day three

Continuing our summary of the most glaring issues in CC 2015, this is a good opportunity to end the week before I head off to one more medical appointment.

  • Legacy files open black in Illustrator. There’s obviously an issue where the program doesn’t recognize their version and attempts to use the GPU accelerated renderer to display them while something specific in the files messes with that. This could be placed files with color profiles, objects with transparency or whatever you can imagine. Before they come up with a fix for the issue, the only chance to work with those files is to turn off GPU usage in the preferences.
  • Many apps crash immediately on launch or when quitting. One possible cause is that on Windows the Microsoft Visual C Runtimes 2012 (MSVCRT) are not installed correctly. Try uninstalling them from your Programs and Features system control panel and then download a suitable version directly from Microsoft or reinstall the Adobe programs again after also running the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.
  • Furthering the madness with After Effects‘ newly-fangled rendering engine, there are all sorts of audio issues where it doesn’t play at all or is choppy. This is apparently caused by the fact that when the engine thinks it can’t sustain realtime playback, it simply turns off audio, but with fluctuating framerates this happens on and off arbitrarily and there is currently no way to enforce consistent audio usage. If you haven’t looked at your system’s audio configuration in a long time, now might be a good time to experiment. Start with something simple like conventional 48 kHz at 16bit and forego all the fancies of your ultra-super-duper gaming surround setup.
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CC 2015 – Fix and new Issues

Continuing yesterday’s listing, I can now happily report that Video CoPilot have fired out a compatible version of Element 3D. Check your account on their web site and download the latest update. Meanwhile, elsewhere it has been confirmed that loading (SonyMXF files in After Effects (and possibly also Premiere Pro) is screwed. As they put it, this is a “root issue” in one of the third-party CoDec libraries, so it may also affect other formats, in particular ones that use MPEG stuff. I also saw an issue with Blackmagic Cinema DNG files, which took the user several attempts of reinstalling After Effects before it worked. Finally, an issue that is here to stay seems to be the ongoing high-DPI interface problems in Photoshop. This time they are reversed, meaning it doesn’t correctly detect smaller screens and the elements simply appear huge. what causes this is unclear, but you may want to investigate a few basic steps like adjusting your screen resolution based on this article over at my Error Code Database.

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CC 2015 – The Damage so far

As with every new version of Adobe‘s programs over the years, the evil combination of genuine compatibility issues and their sloppy quality assurance hasn’t spared the 2015 release, so there’s all sorts of issues. Even only after one day a picture is forming, so here’s a brief summary of my observations and forum findings so far. Let’s begin with After Effects related stuff.

  • Several plug-ins appear to not be compatible, regardless of some third-party vendors’ claims. The hold-up is obviously the new asynchronous rendering, which will require updates of the code. Most affected appear temporal plug-ins like RevisionFXTwixtor and some others. Definitely check the web sites of the manufacturers and download and install the latest versions.
  • Element 3D is definitely not compatible at this point. This issue will/ should be fixed with the upcoming 2.2 update of the plug-in, but for the time being make sure to leave your CC 2014 version installed.
  • Several scripts and panels no longer work, but what else is new? Scripts are also not automatically migrated, so make sure to back them up before installing the new version and put them back in place later.
  • There appears to be a performance issue with the 3D camera. If you experience slowness in 3D comps, this could be normal and not to blame on any specific plug-in.
  • DynamicLink between After Effects and Premiere Pro seems to be broken in many scenarios and throws this little cutie of an error.
  • The Character app fails to launch and reports as unlicensed. To fix it, sign out of Creative Cloud app and sign in again. You may also need to follow the steps explained here.

Another glaring issue are Lightroom and Camera Raw 9.1 not updating correctly and losing support for certain cameras. If Lightroom doesn’t update, manually uninstall it on the system level e.g. using the Programs and Features system control panel on Windows and then reinstall it with a clean slate from within the Creative Cloud app. If your camera support breaks down, you may want to go back to an older version of the programs/ Camera Raw, respectively. Either check the Older Versions section in the Creative Cloud or manually download them.

Camera Raw (Windows) | (Mac)

Lightroom (Windows) | (Mac)

Since InDesign and Illustrator now use GPU acceleration as well, make sure you update your graphics driver, if you haven’t done this already. That’s it for now, more info as things develop in the coming days and weeks…

Last updated June 17, 2015, 11:28 A.M. (CEST+1)


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