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Renderman is usesless…

…for the time being, that is. Yepp, while everyone is going a bit crazy about Pixar finally releasing a version of Renderman for everyone, the practical value kinda levels of at exactly zero for most users. Unless you want to put up with custom RIB exports using scripts or custom plug-ins, it’s not integrated in most 3D programs and generally learning such a highly customizable, but all the same complicated renderer will take a lot of time. That and of course you may actually not need it/ want it when you are already using one of the many renderers out there like Octane, VRay, Arnold, Maxwell and what have you. Ironically this strikes me as sort of “too little too late” – we all would have loved to have Renderman ten years ago, but these days perhaps not so much. It’s just one out of many and in a way it’s like an elderly house maiden. It can do anything from cleaning to ironing your shirts if you only give it some time, but it’s not necessarily the most attractive thing to look at.

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Made my gay Day

Ah, gotta love her…. J.K.Rowling may not be the greatest writer on the planet (but then again neither are George R. R. Martin, Stephenie Meyer or  E. L. James and and others, yet they make tons of money), but you have to give it to her – when she has something to say, she’s not shy of speaking out and firing out witty replies. This comment certainly falls into that category. Yepp, people are just people no matter their sexual orientation/ preferences, skin color, whether they are Muggles or wizards or whatever you can think of. The timing of this is even more interesting since finally I actually started watching Queer as Folk on DVD interwoven with my usual Science-Fiction stuff (currently Star Trek – Deep Space Nine). Aside from some random episodes back then in the early 2000 years I never saw it. It ran late in the night on Pro 7 or VOX (private TV channels) if I remember correctly and even the DVD complete collection I once skimmed from Amazon‘s sale area must have been sitting there for 3 or 4 years now…

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As you know if you have been following this blog over the years, I have a love for oceanic underwater life and those creatures simply fascinate me. That’s why a few weeks ago I started decorating my bathroom with some respectively themed wall stickers they sold for just 5 Euros at a discount store and since the selection was somewhat limited, I wanted some more in a matching style, so quickly after that I got myself another set from Amazon, trading in a voucher code I had, mainly because of the shark looking so cool (I did not use a lot of the other fish, because they actually look quite sloppy). This and the lack of a decent sea turtle in either set (there is one in the first, but it really looks more like a land turtle) inspired me to draw my own versions and here you have it. I kinda like how they turned out, even if the tortoise looks a bit grumpy and sad (but then again, real sea turtles have that look due how their eyes are shaped and they have real reasons for doing so being mistreated by humans). As always my preferred roller pen technique with the usual digital touch-up to fix some ink smearing and jittery lines.

Sea Turtle



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Despite my moving away from Cinema 4D more and more, I still follow it with some interest and so inside myself I’m still torn. Part of that is of course X-Particles. While I’ve never used it much for serious stuff, it’s one of those truly unique plug-ins that gets you hooked and then you find yourself idling away an afternoon watching it do its thing and creating those weird, but beautiful structures from its connected particles or some cool looking other stuff. Now with version 3 they have upped the ante again and introduced a grid/FLIP solver for smoke, fire and even better liquids so it goes without saying that you probably won’t be able to evade this as an “essential” plug-in and just buy it. It does so much and the pricing is still extremely reasonable. Check out their stuff on their web site.

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While last weeks news about the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D being free surely are relevant in terms of using these tools for previsualization and production planning (outside actually creating interactive stuff), I’m still more interested in the conventional side of these things and so I’m reasonably excited about Compagnie BUF releasing their in-house tools step by step, beginning this year. With Rhythm & Hue having hinted at doing something similar with their Voodoo suite and even Weta possibly channeling more of their tech in The Foundry‘s or Autodesk‘s 3D programs it seems options for creating quality content multiply every day – if you can possibly afford it, which of course may be the stinker here. Anyway, as a minor the greater competition could mean that we’ll be more readily able to get our hands on existing tools like Houdini or Nuke at a better price when more production facilities start adapting newcomers like this or Flowbox. Will be interesting to watch…

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Blue Lights

Yesterday evening I had an interesting view from my kitchen window with a lot of those annoying blue things as a certain Mr. Kramer might call them. Yepp, you’re looking at some weird crash near the bridge overpass to our town’s bypass road. Quite a nice disco show some time shortly after the sun had disappeared completely even if my crappy camera didn’t capture it that well! We still haven’t figured out what transpired, but I’m sure tomorrow’s regional newspaper will enlighten us…


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Yesterday my younger brother and I were channeling our inner child and went to see Spongebob 3D at the movies. Getting to the cinema was already a bit of a frustrating exercise since the weather was quite good and Leipzig’s inner city was swarming with people, so it was difficult to find a parking spot even in the many underground parking lots. This continued when at the theater there were long lines and things were moving slowly. I’ll never “get” how people can spontaneously decide to watch a movie without knowing what they actually want to watch and then hold up the queue. *argh* I also found it interesting how many people were buying tickets for Fifty Shades of Grey Stupid, your mom’s BDSM fantasy porn, later in the evening. Man, must they have a boring sex life to watch such garbage. You can find more stimulating stuff even on YouTube

The Spongebob movie itself was a bit of a disappointment I have to say. Unlike the trailer and marketing materials make you believe, it is not at all in full 3D and in fact you only get to see it after the first hour of the film or so. The rest is just conventional 2D animation like on the TV series with a bit of parallax thrown in. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, but there is also simply no cohesive story and most of the time it’s just not funny, give or take a few punch lines that actually do work. The movie is too busy tipping its hat to the TV series and there are references all over the place which diminish the rest of the story. You can quite literally see how they had a few ideas and then filled it with “plot devices” like time travel to forcibly stitch everything together.

Interestingly, once the 3D part begins, things get considerably better. The characters are rendered nicely and those 20 minutes with some silly hijinx are a lot more enjoyable. It is my distinct impression that going full 3D animation for the whole movie and following the adventures of this dysfunctional group of wannabe-heroes on land would have made a much more interesting experience. As it is, it’s pretty much a throwaway viewing and only 14 hours later a lot of it is fading from my mind. I’m sure all the children in the room had fun, but as a grown-up you can get more out of revisiting some episodes on TV or DVD.


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