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Blue Lights

Yesterday evening I had an interesting view from my kitchen window with a lot of those annoying blue things as a certain Mr. Kramer might call them. Yepp, you’re looking at some weird crash near the bridge overpass to our town’s bypass road. Quite a nice disco show some time shortly after the sun had disappeared completely even if my crappy camera didn’t capture it that well! We still haven’t figured out what transpired, but I’m sure tomorrow’s regional newspaper will enlighten us…


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Yesterday my younger brother and I were channeling our inner child and went to see Spongebob 3D at the movies. Getting to the cinema was already a bit of a frustrating exercise since the weather was quite good and Leipzig’s inner city was swarming with people, so it was difficult to find a parking spot even in the many underground parking lots. This continued when at the theater there were long lines and things were moving slowly. I’ll never “get” how people can spontaneously decide to watch a movie without knowing what they actually want to watch and then hold up the queue. *argh* I also found it interesting how many people were buying tickets for Fifty Shades of Grey Stupid, your mom’s BDSM fantasy porn, later in the evening. Man, must they have a boring sex life to watch such garbage. You can find more stimulating stuff even on YouTube

The Spongebob movie itself was a bit of a disappointment I have to say. Unlike the trailer and marketing materials make you believe, it is not at all in full 3D and in fact you only get to see it after the first hour of the film or so. The rest is just conventional 2D animation like on the TV series with a bit of parallax thrown in. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, but there is also simply no cohesive story and most of the time it’s just not funny, give or take a few punch lines that actually do work. The movie is too busy tipping its hat to the TV series and there are references all over the place which diminish the rest of the story. You can quite literally see how they had a few ideas and then filled it with “plot devices” like time travel to forcibly stitch everything together.

Interestingly, once the 3D part begins, things get considerably better. The characters are rendered nicely and those 20 minutes with some silly hijinx are a lot more enjoyable. It is my distinct impression that going full 3D animation for the whole movie and following the adventures of this dysfunctional group of wannabe-heroes on land would have made a much more interesting experience. As it is, it’s pretty much a throwaway viewing and only 14 hours later a lot of it is fading from my mind. I’m sure all the children in the room had fun, but as a grown-up you can get more out of revisiting some episodes on TV or DVD.

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I have always been, and forever shall be, your friend.

Boohoo, a sad day for every Trekker, Yepp, Mr. Spock or more to the point his human alter ego Leonard Nimoy has passed on to the Vulcan afterlife. Aww… Not entirely unexpected, of course, with the man being 83 years old and having a history of alcohol/ medication abuse and smoking, but nonetheless… He was one of those greats of the whole Trek universe and a pop-culture icon. The only thing I regret a bit is that his reputation got a bit tarnished when they unnecessarily paraded him around like an old horse in the “new” JJ Abrams-ian Star Trek movies. Yes, Vulcans get old, but he really looked more like 500 than 200 in there… On a side note, the great Maurice Hurley of The Next Generation fame, inventor of the Borg, has also passed away at 75…

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All Stuff must come to an End

Who would have thought? It’s now a bit more than a year when I lost my job and I’ve spent three quarters of that time down sick. I’m still looking for a new job (if ever anyone will hire a cripple like me) and because of all that I have some bad news for you. As I’m trying to make the best of my situation and bending my life in another direction, inevitably some things will fall between the cracks because they ‘re no longer sustainable.

A first to go will be my Stuff site. When the domain registration expires in May it will simply be gone. Now before everyone starts to scream – this doesn’t mean that I will not produce stuff anymore and in fact you may see some things pop up here and there, just not necessarily on my own site. Of course there are reasons why I’m doing this, so here’s how I see it:

  • It never was and isn’t financially profitable. Yes, friends, you may have downloaded my lens flares thousands of times, but you’ve hit that orange button way to rarely. When you don’t break even on the cost and are in no position to run this site for free then it’s a goner. It’s a simple business decision.
  • As I’m moving on to “greener pastures”, in a manner of speaking, a lot of the stuff on the site was/ is/ will be no longer relevant. I’m moving away from Cinema 4D, haven’t used Trapcode Particular in like 5 years and so on. Providing more content using those tools and plug-ins doesn’t really make sense therefore.
  • Many of the projects were simply old and would have needed major overhauls. A lot of things I would do differently these days based on my experiences, other stuff has simply been superseded by other plug-ins, scripts, projects and what have you.
  • Along the same lines, the ever same compatibility issues made keeping everything up to speed a pain in the butt. As recent events have shown, that alone would require a lot of work and quite frankly I just don’t care much for the abomination that After Effects CC turned out to be, so I’m spending zero energy on that.
  • With two to three medical appointments almost every week and lots of downtime due to simply feeling less than myself I simply don’t have the time or energy to fire out as much stuff as I used to.

Some of these points are also valid on a more general level, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t tell you whether this year’s Oscars for some movies are justified – you know, going to the movies costs money and I’m often way too tired to do anything but lay on my bed – but to end this on a positive note, this is simply impressive:

I never thought Lady Gaga could actually sing that good!


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The 6th Room

By no means do I consider myself a photographer, but interestingly enough, while working on my diaper imagery I found myself pondering the thought of how nice it would be to work with Raw images since those JPEG artifacts where complicating matters during touch-up. So it’s a funny coincidence that information regarding Lightroom 6 seems to have leaked online, on FNAC, no less, with whom I had my own little troubles from time to time. Now my knowledge of LR is “in passing” at best, but if I had a respective camera, I’d use it all the time most likely. Funny anecdote: When version 5 was new, Lightroom became “Leidroom” (sort of translates to “Chamber of Suffering”) to my ex-colleague Gerald because it didn’t work properly with his then new Sony A55 camera and crashed all the time…

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Photoshop sucks! (a bit at least)

Since I’m still quite involved with editing my photos for my health site, it is a fitting realization that Photoshop turns 25. It’s hard to imagine that once there was a world without this little program even for me, though certainly my use of it is limited. On the other hand I’m glad I don’t have to spend all day in it. Somehow cleaning up selections to create cut-outs just isn’t my thing and ironically, while things like the Quick Selection Tool or Refine Edges certainly are helpful, you way too often end up painting over frizzy edges, regardless. After a while it feels clunky even when working with my Wacom. It’s also scary to see that while implementing a ton of features, the user experience is somehow totally out of control. It’s amazing that you still have to go through this “dialog inside a dialog inside a dialog” thing to edit a gradient overlay and many other features produce their own floating dialogs. More than anything else, streamlining  workflows should be on the agenda for this year’s version of the old lady rather than implementing another feature that I’ll probably never use…

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There’s a Diaper coming your Way (among other Things)

Working on my little diaper empire, I’m busy prettying up the imagery with Photoshop for the next article in my little series. Amazing how complex things can get once you commit yourself. Below is a sample shot with an overview of various types of bum and crotch wrappings in sampler packs. ;-) But of course that’s not why you are here…

Diaper Sample Packs

Elsewhere signs are getting clearer that some of my predictions/ wishful thinking from the last years indeed will come to fruition in the next version of After Effects. Yepp, it seems they are making Cinema 4D files the standard 3D entity type and open up the API so plug-in makers can access the geometry and use it in plug-ins like Plexus, Form or even Element 3D. Combined with finally having OpenGL in Cineware could this mean it will actually be useful? As always, we will have to see…


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