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Goodbye PDI!

For the last two days there has been a slight outcry over the immediately beginning closing down of a part of Dreamworks Animation known as PDI (Pacific Data Images) a long time. On a quite general level I do not particularly care, but the interesting anecdote here is that I considered Antz always the better movie about ants compared to Pixar‘s A Bug’s Life. Otherwise the downfall of this subsidiary isn’t really surprising – Dreamworks‘ movies have been very hit and miss and out of every five only one was actually good while the rest was superfluous garbage like those awful Shrek and Madagascar sequels. They had it coming for them a long time, if you get my meaning. You can only produce so many box office bombs before it affects your business. Which of course begs the question why companies even still bother to produce so many mediocre movies. Even looking back at many Pixar movies I find myself wondering “How could I ever…?”. I guess back then part of the fascination was the technical side, after all. We all marveled at the achievements and envied the technical resources like custom developed tools or that big render farm when at home we barely could render a few reflective spheres and were forgiving the lameness of the stories. These days the ever same puppet eyes and storylines thin as the melting snow cover in spring are more annoying than enjoyable…

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Wavin’ and (Mis-)Behavin’

It’s one of those weeks where working the Adobe forums is literally so dull and frustrating, I can barely hold on to myself. Almost miraculous that I’m not barking at everyone. The far below par quality of Adobe‘s support certainly doesn’t make things easier on the forums, too. *argh* Speaking of frustrations, I realize more and more how foolish I was spending my money on Cinema 4D those last few years. I’m helping out once more an ex-colleague of mine with some old inherited projects and have dusted off Lightwave. It feels like I never left and oh my, does zapping around in Layout feel a lot better than in that other program. Granted, it’s the same old odd program and those parts are very recognizable, but strangely enough those oddities seem straightforward once you accept that they are as they are. There’s a rough, but charming honesty about it – the program never even pretends it can do some things, so you don’t end up running in circles, trying to find solutions that may or may not exist like in Cinema or modo even. If nothing else, I think this directness and simplicity is what is missing in most software today. Everything is overly complicated. Well, but I’m getting nostalgic…

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Dear WordPress,

Could you please stop messing with your interface? I really hate how you are moving menus around and I have to go looking for my daily used options in a new place every other week. It’s bad enough that you are trying to dump your shitty sky-blue nightmare of a new post editor as an “improved posting experience” on me every time I delete my cookies and I have to look at your ugly log-out screen when I’m done posting, but there is really no need to make things more complicated by squeezing everything in a single menu and placing that menu in such an idiotic manner that it obscures other options. Remember: We are the people that help you attract traffic. The people that make sure you can place your ads and you cash in on them. The people that pay for options and thus pay you. So why is it that you are trying to give us a hard time? Thanks for listening!


Maxon, you will get Mail!

Ah, it seems I go through this roughly every 5 years. Yepp, I just wrote my cancellation letter for my MSA and thus my on/off love-hate relationship with Cinema 4D will once more come to a close, at least for a while.

As I wrote a week ago, the financial burden is one thing, but aside from my professional exploits when I still had a job, my use of the program has been on the decline for the last year just like my use of After Effects. I realize more and more that I want to spend my time on other stuff instead of putting up with tedious workarounds even for simple things like trying to figure out the correct order in the Object Manager just so the little diva correctly updates the scene. The frustrations and unnecessary time spent far outweigh the advantages and it’s just not fun anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some interesting things and the geek in me has always enjoyed doing weird stuff like creating plants with MoGraph or toying around with some plug-ins, but at the same time so many other things are left hanging in the balance and hinder my productivity. Ironically, many of the people that were part of my drive toward Cinema because I needed to collaborate with them are now equally fed-up with Maxon‘s policies on updates or pricing, so I suppose me not being part of the user base won’t be that big an issue for them, either…

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After starting my health blog a few days ago I couldn’t get it out of my head that it might actually be a super idea to also provide those bits and pieces of information and opinions in German. So here I am, telling you just that. It’s not going to be a 1:1 match or translation and there will always be discrepancies of course. I’m certainly not going to bore my English readers with changes in German health legislation and regulations and one day I might to start an article in German and only post in English later or the other way around, but this is most definitely an interesting experiment and I already have so many articles laid out in my head, it’s going to be a busy, but fun time.

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The second Battle

Just like last year of course my younger brother coaxed/ coerced/ charmed me into a second viewing of The Hobbit  – The Battle of the Five Armies and these repeats naturally offer an opportunity to study things a bit more in details and adjust one’s opinion. I maintain my position that most definitely there are way too many cheesy scenes that are trying all too hard to trigger your tear ducts. The other thing that bothered me a bit this time around was the redundant feeling of the battle scenes. Granted, there is only so many ways you can choreograph and shoot fight scenes in a medieval city, but the going-ons in Dale oddly feel like a mix of Minas Tirith with a bit of Helm’s Deep interspersed happening again. Having viewed the film in German and being somewhat practiced in lip-reading the original English, the poor voice-over really annoyed me. I find it amazing that they spend 200 million on making such movies and then the voice cast sounds like random people picked from the street recording this one day before release in their living room based on an automated translation done by Google. :-\ Some other things that became apparent were the somewhat choppy editing in places and the all too obvious hints dropped. You can actually guess pretty easily where they are going to insert extra snippets for the Extend Edition DVD/ Blu-Ray. See Saruman conjure up Sauron again and being turned? You betcha…! Beyond those points of criticism I actually enjoyed the movie a bit more than the first time, so I’m thankful my brother got me to get my ass up. Admittedly, though, I was completely fatigued afterwards and nearly fainted climbing up my stairs and then I slept rather long this morning, almost missing taking my medications…


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